Product range

With the branded products DERMATEC® and DESIPUR® merisa has a broad and deep product range to maintain the high hygiene standard of your company. We offer you exactly the products that are relevant to your field of expertise and seek tailor-made solutions for your individual operational requirements.

Hand disinfection

DERMATEC ALCO and ALCO GEL are ready-to-use, alcohol-based solutions for hygienic hand disinfection with good skin compatibility. Effective against influenza viruses, coronavirus and influenza A.

Disinfectant dispenser

The SEPTIC disinfectant dispensers offer a hygienic, clean dosage for any application. Proven models with touchless or manual operation are available.

Surface disinfection

DESIPUR surface disinfectants enable safe disinfection of work surfaces and equipment. Whether preventive or combative, we offer you the right product.

Wet wipe dispenser system

Area-wide disinfection with DESIPUR WIPE wet wipe dispenser system is a reliable and safe method of disinfection and avoids unnecessary aerosol formation.

Hand protection & care

DERMA skin care products protect and care for severely stressed hands during and after work. The nourishing components help the skin to regenerate.

Washing lotion

DERMAMED hand wash lotion are particularly gentle on the skin and contain nourishing substances.

Hand cleaning

DERMATEC hand cleaning creams are designed for heavy soiling. The microfine, plastic-free friction bodies enable thorough and at the same time skin-friendly hand cleaning.

System bottle dispenser

The system bottle dispensers convince through their particularly stable design and durability. The dispensers offer a simple solution for system bottles of the DERMATEC line from the categories hand hygiene, cleaning, protection and care.