Skin protection concept

Do you know this – dry hands due to increased disinfection? Are you also wondering what needs to be considered in a skin protection concept?

Our solution

Through our many years of experience as well as the known different operational requirements in various areas of application(medical sector, food industry and gastronomy, service providers, industrial and workshops, etc.), we have developed a uniform and coordinated modular skin protection concept.

The skin protection system is based on the four pillars of hand cleaning (green), hand care (red), disinfection (light blue) and skin protection (blue). The system includes different products and dosage forms in the four skin protection areas. The colour coding of the product label and its design with pictograms ensures that the hand hygiene products are used in the correct order by the employees and that no confusion occurs.

We would be pleased if we could also support you with the skin protection concept and the individual product combinations based on your operational needs.

DERMATEC skin protection plan

For the professional hand hygiene of your employees.