Outbreak and spread

Since late 2019, the novel virus that causes the disease COVID-19 has spread worldwide. It has degenerated into a pandemic, which unlike an epidemic does not only occur regionally, but spreads across several countries on earth. Further information on the spread, precautionary measures and the current situation can be found on the website of the FOPH (Federal Office of Public Health).

How does the coronavirus spread?

The virus usually spreads via droplets or aerosols that a person infected with COVID-19 spreads when coughing or exhaling. If another person inhales these droplets or touches objects contaminated with these droplets and then touches their eyes, nose or mouth, they can become infected with the virus. According to current knowledge, the incubation period is max. 14 days.

Prevention measures


The virus can only be contained through careful behaviour and the observance of general hygiene measures, which include hand hygiene in particular. Regular hand washing or hand disinfection eliminates the coronavirus from the skin.


How long the novel coronavirus remains infectious on surfaces and objects is currently unclear. Study results suggest that this period is at least a few hours, but can also extend to several days. We recommend disinfecting surfaces, objects and equipment regularly with a surface disinfectant.

Hygiene rules and how to behave

The Federal Office of Public Health recommends simple measures against the spread of the new coronavirus.

Meet as few people as possible.

Keep a distance.

Wear a face mask if it is impossible to maintain that distance.

Wearing of masks compulsory in public spaces, on public transport and at the workplace.

Requirement to work from home where feasible.

Wash your hands thoroughly.

Cough and sneeze into your elbow.

Do not shake hands.

Ventilate rooms several times a day.

Events Public:
Publicly prohibited
Private max. 5 people
Gatherings in public
Room max. 5 people

If you experience symptoms, get tested immediately and stay at home.

To enable contact tracing, always provide your complete contact information.

To break infection chains: download and activate the SwissCovid app.

If you test positive: isolate. If you have had contact with a confirmed case: quarantine.

Only visit a doctor’s office or an accident and emergency department after making an appointment by phone.