Quality “Made in Switzerland”

merisa brand products are produced in Switzerland and must meet the highest Swiss quality standards in every respect. The high quality standard of the products and processes is constantly recorded with the most modern measuring and control systems. The certification of our quality management system since 1998 according to ISO 9001 is the basis and a matter of course for us.

Merisa hygiene products are manufactured at the sister company, Merisa Produktions AG in 6285 Hitzkirch.

Our quality criteria

  • Guaranteed suitability of the merisa product for the described application
  • Constant product properties within the specification
  • Highest possible application safety
  • Ensuring occupational safety and health protection
  • Highest material compatibility and value retention
  • Highest environmental compatibility
  • Cooperation with certified suppliers

Ensuring the quality characteristics of our hygiene products begins with their development and continues throughout the manufacturing process until they are delivered to our customers and end users.

Raw material release

The raw materials used are already checked during the receiving inspection according to strict internal merisa quality standards. The raw and auxiliary materials are only released for production after approval. All raw materials are stored according to their climatic requirements to ensure their shelf life.

Product release

During production, product samples are taken and checked for quality. The product is only released after the product specifications have been met and a reserve sample has been taken for each production batch.

Fully automatic filling lines

After production, the products are packaged and palletised on several fully automatic filling lines. The production process mentioned above, from the delivery of the raw materials to the removal of the product from the finished product warehouse, is carried out strictly according to the FiFo principle. Therefore, we can guarantee our customers the desired quality up to the point of shipment.