Medical sector

Hygiene protects and saves lives. DERMATEC products protect people from infections and DESIPUR products protect surfaces from contamination. Prevention plays a crucial role here, because preventing infections is much easier than fighting them.

Compliance with hygiene concepts prevents the spread of infections in medical sectors. DERMATEC and DESIPUR disinfectants combat and/or prevent contamination by viruses and germs. To prevent direct infection on the patient, hands and objects are disinfected before treatment.

Symptoms are often tackled rather than the causes. This creates dangerous gaps in the hygiene chain. We close this gap with our holistic approach. In addition to effective, registered products, the hygiene concept and the diverse documents, this also includes particularly competent advice.

The large DERMATEC and DESIPUR product range makes it possible to respond to the requirements in the medical sector and to put together a coordinated product range for you. Supported by comprehensive service and detailed advice, these solutions enable optimal preparation for the diverse challenges of a constantly changing market. Preventing, detecting and combating infections remains a crucial factor in quality assurance.